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Signs someone is thinking about you

Has someone been on your mind lately? Did a thought of them suddenly pop in your head? Maybe you dreamt about them. Don’t be so quick to blow it off. In fact, you might be telepathically picking up on the fact that the person is thinking about you. The thoughts that run through our minds can tell us so, so much — if we are willing to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. Instead, we often numb our senses and block out our thoughts by doing mindless things such as watching too much television, staying busy and distracting ourselves with drama and chaos. Don’t get me started on how social media can blunt our senses and keep us from experiencing our intuition! But telepathic communication is real.

Sometimes you could have a thought about someone that is particularly meaningful. In these cases, it’s not a simple matter of that person popping up in your mind.

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